As any experienced property investor will tell you, success doesn’t come without staying on top of the market. Research is essential when investing in something as fluctuating as property, but the process can be daunting if you don’t know where to start.

These 10 blogs will appeal to those who are just finding their feet, and more experienced investors looking to optimise their portfolio.

1. .id The Population Experts

.id is a one-stop shop for Australian population data. Their team is made up of demographic and spatial analysts, urban economists, industry sector expert, IT and data management specialist, and the largest population forecasting division in the country. As a result, posts on the .id blog offer a wealth of engaging and consequential information for anyone interested in where the market has been, where it is now, and where it’s going.

2. Property Observer

The Property Observer blog covers a range of topics, spanning news, analysis and data, promising to help you “make the most of buying or selling in 2017.” Their ‘Australia’s Fastest Selling Suburbs’ section provides an interesting snapshot into breakthrough markets where competition is fierce among investors.

3. Domain

As the most-read real estate blog in Australia, Domain appeals to the whole gamut of investors with market insights, general news and opinion pieces. The Domain blog is divided into features, insights, videos and market views sections, and provides a steady stream of nationwide real estate content.

4. Australian Property Investor

Like Domain, the Australian Property Investor Magazine covers a wealth of real estate topics, with a skew towards more experienced investors concerned with regulatory updates. Their blog can also be filtered by state, making it easy to stay up-to-date with the changes that will impact your investments.

5. Core Logic

Core Logic is the country’s top-shelf property information provider, publishing comprehensive market research and statistical information. The blog is maintained by Tim Lawless, a well-respected real estate market analyst and commentator, and Cameron Kusher, a research expert and speaker.

6. Real

Another staple in any investors email inbox, Real are a juggernaut in the property industry. Their news section covers real estate and finance news, property market trends and housing information and insights, which are also easily organised by state.

7. Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review’s ‘personal finance’ section is a great resource for news-based investing content. In addition to property information, the personal finance feed includes everything from shares to sector updates, making it a good place to monitor your financial world at large.

8. Your Investment Property

The Your Investment Property blog is a collaborative effort, with several individual contributors writing market updates and advice for better investing. Their monthly features on up-and-coming markets can also be the catalyst for conversation with your property adviser.

9. Real Estate Talk

Kevin Turner’s Real Estate Talk is an offshoot of Australian Property Investor, and is the ideal answer for those who prefer listening than reading. The podcast covers everything from finding a great real estate agent to creating renovation equity.

10. Full Financial Services

Last, but most certainly not least, our own Full Financial Services blog is your roadmap for using property investing as a tool to building sustainable wealth for yourself and your family. Our weekly email newsletter features the most popular topics on our blog, which spans advice for first-time investors to market snapshots and portfolio strategies.

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