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$530 p/w

Zofia is a busy medical professional on a high salary, but little to no time to think about building a property portfolio for her future. Having spent many years putting all her surplus funds towards paying down her principle mortgage this is now paid off (Amazing!) but she had no income producing assets to speak of. Click here to learn a faster way.

Zofia asked for our assistance and went through our education process and we drew up a strategy she was comfortable with. Zofia invested in a great development in Sydney which settled in February 2018 and is now in the process of buying her second property.

Project Overview:

This spacious two bedroom apartment is located just 25 minutes from Sydney CBD. Being walking distance to public transport and a shopping centre makes this a high demand property for buyers and tenants alike.The great value property achieved a capital gain before completion, and now our busy medical professional client is looking to build her portfolio. Better still, the property is positively cash flowed after tax to the tune of $40 per week!


  • $40 per week cash surplus after tax
  • Rental yield of 4.1%
  • Capital gain of $30,000 on completion

The client support was excellent. I was supported each step of the way from purchase to completion and then to property management. I’m a busy medical professional and really appreciated the hassle-free process. I made $30,000 in my first year of ownership, and my property is $40.00 per week positively cash flowed after tax.